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At Shulkin Eye Associates, our VISION is to put the comfort and care of our patients first while focusing on a results-driven goal. No matter what brings you to our office, we want you to feel comfortable every step of the way, during both pre and post-operative treatment.

See What Our Patients Are Saying!

“Dr. Shulkin has performed two surgeries on me with excellent results both times. The first was a plastic surgery involving a graft to cover the removal of a large basil cell carcinoma under my lower eyelid. The second was done to match the eyelid of the first. Beautiful work on both eyes!”

Larry Carver

“Zev is the best! Not only did he get me in quickly when my eyes were watering non-stop but he treated me so wonderfully. Definitely a great eye doctor and would I would recommend to anyone!”

Emmy Grimes

“I highly recommend Dr. Shulkin. I’ve been suffering from diplopia (double vision) for several years and sought the help of numerous ophthalmologists to no avail. After one appointment Dr. Shulkin recommended a surgical procedure that would correct my vision. The surgery was a complete success!”

Natalie Brown

“Dr. Zev Shulkin and team made me feel comfortable and relaxed with the whole experience and I’m truly satisfied with the eye surgery.”

Anthony Brown

“I was very nervous about the procedure I needed to have. On my first visit, he explained how the procedure would be done. On the day of the surgery, they took me to the back and made me feel very comfortable. I am very, very pleased with the results.”

Caren Pankonien

“Dr. Shulkin performed a miracle for me! He corrected my vision so that I can now drive again! I had thought I was experiencing cataract problems but he said I was having eye focus problems! My eyes were trying to cross. I have depth perception back and I am seeing so much better!”

Sharon Metcalfe